Asset Discovery & Inventory Automated, accurate inventory and IT asset usage data

Snow Software has helped thousands of customers quickly discover and inventory their hybrid IT environment to have accurate data for renewal negotiations, quickly defend against vendor audits, identify cost optimization opportunities, improve CMDB data quality and more. 

The Snow Software Difference

Accurate, complete discovery of your hybrid IT

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leader for
25 years

Largest normalized software

Consolidate inventory sources

Snow Software offers multiple ways to discover and inventory your environment. To quickly discover IT assets and usage, we leverage your existing infrastructure with over 130 pre-built integrations across your hybrid IT environment.

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Normalize and enrich data

After discovering IT assets, this data is normalized and enriched by our market-leading Data Intelligence Service. This service includes details for over 750,000 applications. Daily updates are enriched with data such as UNSPC, lifecycle details, PII, vulnerabilities, manufacturer, SKU, and more. 

Fill in the gaps

To fill in the gaps, organizations can leverage our powerful network discovery capability. Using a combination of 7 network discovery technologies, Snow can discover 100% of IP addressable devices on the network. After discovering devices, utilize the Snow Inventory Agent to obtain a comprehensive view of all application usage on every device. 

With automated inventory, you finally have enough time to make a bigger impact.

During the proof of concept, we discovered that Snow would enable us to monitor at least 95 percent of our installed applications whereas the other vendor would only cover 40 percent.
Ulrich koch, License manager at syntegon
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How does Snow inventory IT assets?

Snow leverages agentless and agent-based methods to obtain comprehensive inventory and usage data. Organizations can get started by importing data from their existing toolsets (e.g., SCCM, Altiris, etc.) and then fill in the gaps by leveraging our reliable Snow Agent, API connectors for IaaS and SaaS providers, and our browser extension to find free and paid shadow SaaS.

Does Snow inventory cloud IT assets?

Leveraging Snow SaaS Management, organizations can detect paid, free and trial SaaS applications. We inventory SaaS applications using API connectors, and SSO and capture SaaS usage details using our browser extension. This helps organizations understand application waste and if employees are using applications not vetted by security. Additionally, Snow Spend Optimizer on Snow Atlas inventories your Kubernetes environment for standard containers and our Snow Cloud Cost product, providing dozens of recommendations to optimize your multi-cloud environment.

How is ITAM data fed to ITSM platforms?

Snow provides a complete hardware and software overview for inventoried computers. Examples include:

1- Hardware information: BIOS serial, BIOS version, BIOS date, CPU type, model, speed, manufacturer, number of processors, cores, sockets, chip modules, network protocols, network adapters, MAC addresses, IP address, DNS, mapped drives, etc.
2- System information: Computer manufacturer and model, system drivers, services, operating system manufacturer, name, version, service pack, kernel type, license, registered user, organization, CD-key, current session, computer name, user name, logon domain, web browser, time zone, etc.
3- Peripheral information: Physical disks, logical disks, video system/graphics card, monitors, optical drives, etc.

How is ITAM data fed to ITSM platforms?

Snow provides automated integration with native support for common ITSM platforms including ServiceNow, BMC Remedy, BMC Helix ITSM, Cherwell Service Management, and TOPdesk through ITSM Enhancer. This product enables organizations to automatically build and maintain their CMDB with accurate software and hardware information. With improved data quality, you can ensure product and service catalogs are always up to date, boost help desk efficiency and unlock valuable insights into your IT landscape.

Does Snow automatically normalize IT asset data?

The Snow Data Intelligence Service offers the largest software recognition database (with nearly 800,000 applications) which leverages machine learning to recognize, normalize and augment software application usage data into actionable insights to reduce risk and optimize spend.

Is the Snow solution able to natively integrate with existing IT inventory data sources like SCCM and BigFix?

Snow has dozens of pre-built connectors to your existing IT inventory tools. Once connectors are configured, we normalize and enrich this information, making your existing data sources more valuable. See our list of out-of-the-box integrations here.