Engineering Application Management Get your expensive engineering software under control

As organizations increase investments in engineering software, IT leaders are struggling to keep track of what applications are in use and make sure they are available when they’re needed. Snow meters and reports how applications are being used, suspends unused applications and releases the associated licenses, so you can ensure applications are ready for users when it’s time to deploy. 

Get the visibility you need to manage and automate engineering licenses.

license usage

application activity

licenses efficiently

Cut license costs and reduce waste

Get a complete view of what engineering software is in use with license management servers. See who is using what, and when. With accurate license information, shown by location, business unit or project, you can enable chargeback accounting, guarantee optimal license usage and ensure you only pay for what you need.

Continuously monitor usage

With advanced configuration, you can monitor metrics such as CPU, mouse and keyboard activity, so that you can effectively assess and optimize usage automatically. When applications are found to be inactive, based on flexible criteria, the user is notified and if no response is received, the application is suspended and the license is returned to the pool for others to access.