Cloud Managed Service Providers Transform your managed service portfolio

In an increasingly hybrid world, MSPs are faced with the challenge of expanding their portfolios to help customers manage the complexities of cloud. This means building services to support your customers wherever they are in their cloud journey across both public and private cloud. Snow removes complexity from delivering managed hybrid cloud services, so you can focus on what matters most – your customers and your business.

Enhance your hybrid cloud offerings with a cloud management platform.

Retain and grow
your customer base

Improve customer

Expand your
services portfolio

Grow revenue among new & existing customers

Snow Commander is a full-functioning cloud management platform with governance, cost visibility and automation features to support your customers on their journey to the cloud. Increase wallet share within your existing customer base by offering them additional services directly through the CMP and attract new customers by showcasing a comprehensive, integrated suite of hybrid cloud services powered by Commander.

100 x Provision hybrid cloud resources up to 100 times faster.

Deliver a rich self-service experience

Enable personalized self-service IT for your customers through easily customizable service catalogs, a unified hybrid portal and automated application and infrastructure provisioning that enables you to deliver services to your customers more quickly. Commander’s billing and costing capabilities also allow you to put real-time costs in front of individual users to help them make smart decisions about their cloud usage.

Flexential considered several potential solutions to help deliver and monetize IaaS. All of these products missed the mark due to their complexity and the need for ongoing in-house software development to customize and maintain.
Cloud Services Architect, Flexential