Snow Product Training Get the most from your Snow investment

We’re committed to helping customers realize the full benefit of their investment in Snow through effective training courses designed for both end-users and partners. Our certified expert instructors teach a blend of best practices and theory, balanced with practical exercises to help you pass the Snow certification exam.

Flexible learning to meet your needs.


Learn online at
your own pace


training delivered remotely


In-person learning within a classroom

Build your Snow skills

Whether you are new to Snow or ready for your next certification, we can guide you to product mastery. Confidently navigate installation and configuration, learn how to customize reporting, discover new use cases and more.

If you’re a Snow partner looking for training, visit the Snow Partner Portal to learn more about your entitlement.

Find your learning path

Explore our learning paths to find one that fits with your organization’s needs. Based on your goals, we provide recommendations on which courses you should take and in what order, as well as guidance on who should attend each course.

Contact for more information.

Maximize value with subscriptions

For unmatched flexibility, Snow Learning Subscription (full catalog) allows you to alternate between classroom, e-learning and instructor-led training delivered remotely. With access to a comprehensive curriculum ranging from entry-level to advanced courses, subscriptions are ideal for onboarding and accommodating last-minute training needs.