Bolstering the Foundations for Success with the New and Improved Snow Partner Program

The partner ecosystem at Snow is one with a diverse array of resellers, managed service providers, global systems integrators, independent software vendors and more. These partners enhance and scale our offerings to customers around the world. They are an essential line to the needs of customers and the market, helping influence our product roadmap and strategy. As such, they are a true extension of our team. 

As Snow demonstrates the power of Technology Intelligence to the market, we want to ensure our partner ecosystem is empowered to address the ever-increasing challenges our customers face like swelling costs, impending risk and proof of value – as well as capitalizing on new market opportunities. 

Which is why, this week, we are excited to announce that we’ve officially launched our new and improved Snow Partner Program. Our teams at Snow have put a lot of work, research, feedback and heart into this new program. The program was developed to ensure partners had a modern, merit-based system that would fuel further growth of their businesses as their relationships with Snow deepen. 

Intelligence is at the heart of what we do at Snow. We believe Technology Intelligence – the ability to understand and manage all technology – can bring together vast and disparate amounts of critical technology asset data. When brought together in one unified view, organizations have endless possibilities with the insights gained and value derived. Ultimately, organizations can make better business decisions with Snow.  

Now more than ever, organizations are looking for trusted advisors to help them address their biggest pain points and drive lasting value, as customers are facing new IT complexities and turbulent market conditions. 

At Snow, we have a compelling platform in Snow Atlas, a comprehensive set of products and services and one of the largest databases of software and cloud services information to help customers get the most of their technology asset data.  

We believe partners play a critical role in our work to help global organizations make better decisions and drive positive business outcomes.  

Let us take you through the new Partner Program and why we established the structure the way we have. 

Intelligence by Design: The Snow Partner Program 

To ensure our partners grow and succeed with Snow, we’ve focused our program in several core areas:  

In addition, with a new look and extensive new backend capabilities, SnowHow – our new partner portal – will improve partner experience and drive ease of doing business. SnowHow is one centralized place for everything related to Snow (including deal registration, Snow Globe, Snow Academy and Support). 

There is so much more that we’ve adapted for our new program to allow our partners to unlock new areas of opportunity for their businesses and better serve customers and the market.  

As Technology Intelligence unlocks new opportunities and insights for our customers, we felt it only fitting that our new and improved Partner Program follow suit. We’re excited to get this program off the ground and look forward to sharing more updates as our partners get familiar with the new model. We consider our partner ecosystem an extension of our teams and feel confident that our new program will create lasting success for our partners, customers and Snow.  

We’re truly a dynamic team that is passionate about propelling our customers to new heights. You can learn more about the new and improved Partner Program here.